The last episode starts with a scene where Samar is too sad due to the crime he committed by killing his best friend and his wife. When the people went to the funeral of Abhimanyu, they found Indrani was overreacting and blaming Bisham and Dhruv by making them feel that they weren’t there to help when her family was destroyed. Samar cried when Dhruv came and made him realise they had done this to take revenge. The past was shown when Sam’s elder brother found something against Indrani. His father warned him, but he didn’t take his foot back, leading him to commit suicide. It also caused Samar’s mother to die due to the pain she got from her son’s death which led to a heart attack.

All the secrets about Indrani were exposed on national television by Adani, Samar and Iqbal, who confessed that Vardaan put up the fire to make the real world know about the character of Indrani and how evil and selfish she was that caused her to commit crimes. It was all revealed that made Indrani angry, and she killed Vardaan for spoiling and destroying all her worth she built on herself to capture Roy’s Empire. She was arrested when she told Samar that she would take revenge on him and his father.

I liked how Vardaan was paralysed and, on the bed, with the help of Iqbal, exposed Indrani to the actual world. I also wanted the honest, loyal and truthful Iqbal, who supported his boss and helped him when Vardaan suffered from demanding and challenging times. I also liked how Bisham and Dhruv conversed, at last, to get united again.

I wouldn’t say I liked Indrani, a selfish and cruel lady who, just for name, fame and money, committed crimes and spread evil. I didn’t find it correct when Samar killed both Abhimanyu and Hunar, innocent, to take revenge on Indrani. I also found it too wrong when Indrani killed his husband when she came to know that besides destroying her career, there was a hand of him. He planned all this to make her fall down. At last, Indrani warned Samar that she would take revenge, and it was found that Isabella was lost. Something severe was going to happen. What was that? Too eagerly waiting for Season2 to know what further will happen with Indrani and others!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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