The episode starts with a scene where Mouni finds a place where Raghav is kidnapped and trapped. Samar found the location of Abhimanyu and angrily went towards him to fight over the part of their friendship as Abhimanyu kept the things that happened to him a secret from Samar. Both of them left, ending up, and Abhimanyu came towards his father to let him know what happened and to give Indrani a chance to prove herself. He hugged Indrani and proceeded to have a conversation, but meanwhile, Indrani had to leave for some work. When Samar reached Iqbal’s house, he found that Hunar was being taken somewhere by his father.

He talked with Iqbal that they should take help from Indrani, but mistakenly, Iqbal told him that Indrani could do anything for herself by hook or crook. He narrated the story of how his father was paralysed and how Indrani wanted the Roy Empire, and for that, she made a false statement that she couldn’t be a mother. Iqbal told him how Indrani swept out all the evidence one by one against her and captured the throne of the Roy Empires. Abhimanyu went to Indrani and asked her what she had done and how his father was paralysed. He also told Indrani that he was married to Hunar and that they resided at Iqbal’s house. Abhimanyu left, and he reached out to Hunar’s father to make him understand his love for his daughter and that he would take care of her. I drank rudely and conversed with Adani, making him switch from Indrani to Bisham’s party.

I liked how Abhimanyu worked on how Hunar told him to give Indrani a chance but eventually, he was told of the selfish side of Indrani by Iqbal. I also liked how he confessed his love in front of Hunar’s parents and how they gave blessings to both of them and left there.

I wouldn’t say I liked how Indrani played an evil game to have the Roy empire by proving that she could not be a mother, and when Vardaan came to know, she made him paralysed. I hated Samar just for some reason; he killed Abhimanyu and Hunar. At last, Abhimanyu and Hunar had beautiful moments, but suddenly Samar came and shot both of them. Why did Samar do that? Who and Why was he told to do so? To know that, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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