The episode starts with a scene where Raghav tries to escape from the gang of kidnappers, but he fails to do so as he is poorly injured, and the inspector does not pick up his call. Indirani conversed with her assistant Iqbal to escape the legal authorities’ traps. On the safe side, Abhimanyu and Hunar went to Iqbal’s house, and Abhimanyu proposed to her a beautiful set-up and proposal for the marriage. They got married there with legal formalities. Hunar’s father came to know that she had run away with Abhimanyu. The police reached the Naxals and caught their prominent leader. Indirani called her father to find the solution to her problem. Bisham and Samar’s father had a conversation where they were discussing letting someone down.

Mouni got angry because every piece of evidence disappeared. Hunar and Abhimanyu travelled in a train where Hunar told Abhimanyu that he should give his mother Indrani a chance to prove herself. Then Adani was arrested and accused of being with Indrani in her plans. Mouni called Fiza as she had past relations with her. Both were separated as Fiza wasn’t ready to fight for her love. Mouni went to her to hack the file, which contained some essential evidence and proof. When they both were dealing with their disputes and were trying to resolve everything, suddenly, the owner came to know that his file was getting hacked, and he took the server down. Meanwhile, Adani’s girlfriend came to see that he and Indrani were doing something severe.

I liked the couple’s scene with Hunar and Abhimanyu and how their journey from marriage proposal was shown through a song. I loved the part where Hunar tried to make Abhimanyu close to his mother rather than trying to take him away from Indrani. I also loved the part where Fiza realised that she has guilty that she wasn’t able to prove her love and fight for both of them and declare to the world that they are Lesbians.

I wouldn’t say I liked the part about how Raghav was treated, as it made him suffer a lot. I also wouldn’t like how the story was framed as complicated among Dhruv (father of Samar), Bisham and Indrani, as it wasn’t clear who wanted what and what was the matter between their fights. At last, Adani’s girlfriend left, and Adani started smiling. What was the case between Adani and Indrani? To know that, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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