Abhimanyu came to know what happened between Samar and Indirani.
He was disappointed but forgave Samar. Abhimanyu was upset, and Harun came to cheer him up. Samar’s father was planning something against someone. Harun started spending time with Abhimanyu and confessed to him that she liked him. It resulted in the brother of Harun with people beating Abhimanyu and telling him to stay away from her. The Indirani, when he came to know, asked Abhimanyu, but he didn’t reply. Samar’s father called someone and told her to publish the news against someone. One of their friends, Abhimanyu, told him to run away somewhere with Harun to win his love. Samar argued with a girl who used to like him.

Bhisham and Indrani both were using Each Other against and defending themselves. On the other hand, Isha wants to talk with his father, but as he is leaving for abroad, she tells him to speak to him once he returns from a trip. At last, Harun and Abhimanyu ran away with the help of Harun’s brother.

I like the part when Abhimanyu stands beside Harun after being beaten severely and tells her he loves and will be with him forever. I also like the part when Isha told Samar the better truth about him that he always wanted to have sexual contact rather than having genuine feelings.

It was too bad of Indirani that she slapped Abhimanyu as she had done wrong by cheating on his husband. Also, I wouldn’t say I liked that Indrani should have talked with Abhimanyu and dealt with his problem by comforting him rather than shouting and accusing him that he shouldn’t have done this. Also, I wouldn’t say I liked how Samar behaved with Isha besides ignoring her and telling her that he didn’t love her, which hurt Isha the most. At the end of the episode, the police officer who Naxals kidnap finds the victim and asks who made him trapped in this jungle. The officer asked him if he remembered his face, and the man replied that he would not forget the face until he died. To know what happens next, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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