The scene starts when a person escapes from the firing. Next, Harun was irritated and went to the class when Abhimanyu showed him the power of his money. The Naxals were bitterly torching the Officer who was interrogating and beating him. Some of the journalists went to verify the officer’s details. Samar and Abhimanyu were chilling when a girl who liked Samar came, and Abhimanyu left. Samar was falsely sent to jail due to false accusations. Samar was bailed out of prison, and Indirani had a deal with someone. Samar came to thank Indirani with sweets. The officer was bitterly beaten and was being caged as he might help out Naxals at a significant pace.

Indirani went to Bisham and told him that he could not do that with her as he was making the investors of Indrani be against her. Then, Abhimanyu shared his feelings and incidents with his paralysed father, and then he left and went to Harun’s house and spent time with her. Meanwhile, Samar came to meet Abhimanyu, but as he wasn’t there, Indirani offered him drinks. He joined, and in conversation, they came closer, which led them to kiss each other passionately. They forget everything and continue kissing each other.

I liked the way Indirani cared for Samar as he made him on bail. I also liked the way she talked with Bisham politely after suffering from lots of things.

I wouldn’t say I liked how Samar and Indirani had been lost and crossed the borderline between them. I also didn’t select the way Indirani used to dress as she was required to be within her limits and maintain a distance. At last, Indirani and Samar entered the room and had sexual contact. Now, what will happen ahead? To know that, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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