This episode starts with a scene where Samar and Abhimanyu are at Samar’s house, and Indira comes to meet Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu was unconscious as he had drunk alcohol, to which Samar defended him by stating to Indira that they were at their friends’ party last night. Iqbal came to Abhimanyu and explained to him to go with his mother. Three of them went to Hunar’s house, where Indira found out they were there only last night. Indira told Hunar’s father not to do the case, but they disagreed with her. On the other hand, Mouni, the new police in charge, came to know that there was some transaction made in the accounts of the dead workers by a company. One police officer was gone to the jungle for some work when he was kidnapped by the people who kidnapped Raghuveer.

The Samar’s Father calls Fiza and tells her there will be an attack on her by his son involved in the gang. Fiza asks for protection from Mouni, but they are in an argument which didn’t result in productivity. Raghuveer was a torcher very severely, but he didn’t react or spell out the truth. Indirani called Samar and sat home as she had some work, and some criminal entered to warn her not to post this kind of video. The next scene is Abhimanyu pleading and apologising to Hunar regarding his mistakes at a wedding where Hunar also likes Abhimanyu. Indira gave the papers back to Samar as he also had a share in Roy’s company. It was revealed that Samar’s father was the stepbrother of Bisham Roy.

I liked the way Indira made Abhimanyu apologise for his mistake and realise that he was wrong on his path. It was also amazing to see the kind gesture of Indirani as besides having problems, he made Samar have his possessions.

I wouldn’t say I liked the part when all the things were jumbled, and the ones who weren’t involved were suffering from the consequences. At last, the police officer who was being kidnapped in the jungle was poorly torched as they thought that he was there for the case investigation. What were the secrets and other unrevealed things that weren’t exposed? To know that, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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