The episode starts with a scene where the remaining officers come to find Raghuveer, the CBI officer who met with the accident when he was not there in the car. Whereas it was shown that Raghuveer was taken by some people who were harassing him to know what information he was carrying with him, but Raghuveer didn’t disclose it. It was also shown that Samar friend of Abhimanyu, went to support the families of the victims of the murder to get the dead bodies of their loved ones. When Indira came to know about this, she went to help them and their social work which they were doing. Indira talked for a more extended period with Samar about his life and other things. Abhimanyu comes up between their conversation where Indira tells Samar to make him understand his responsibilities, to which Samar says that no, he is a good guy.

The next day Samar gets a letter in which the hospital agrees to their demand to which Samar cries and flashes back to his past. On the other hand, Samar’s Father calls upon a reporter, Fiza, who publishes news against Roy on a YouTube channel. Fiza met with the ex-colleague where she used to work. He told Fiza not to upload those negative videos or that she needed to pay a significant amount. On the other hand, the funeral of the workers happens when Indrani comes, and the Hunar’s parents complain against Abhimanyu for sexually harassing their daughter. When the police enter the college, they find Samar, who stops them from arresting Abhimanyu.

I liked the way the other people appreciated Indrani as being a woman. She handled things perfectly. I also liked the way Indrani accepts the mistake of his son that he has done wrong with the girl. I also liked the way people respected Indrani, as they hadn’t started their religious practices until Indrani reached there.

I wouldn’t say I liked the way the half-past of the Samar was shown, as it created confusion amongst the audience, and it also affected the curiosity of all the other viewers. Also, I wouldn’t say I liked how Raghuveer was harassed, as he wasn’t involved in these things. At last, the people extremely bullied Raghuveer to get the information. To know what happens next, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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