Among the best police, circle inspector and widower Peter Kurishingal (Suraj Venjaramoodu) is distinguished for his kindness. A personal tragedy happens when four people are killed and Peter does a parallel investigation to uncover the elusive killer and the motive behind it.


Peter’s son Sebin, his classmate, and their family were assassinated at their house under strange circumstances. Bijoy Kurivila’s (Sudev Nair) initial police inquiry concludes that the killings were committed in the course of a robbery.

Despite Peter’s efforts to be included in the investigation team, he was kept out due to protocol; nonetheless, the SP permits Peter to conduct a separate probe. He finds outs that Stephen (Jaffer Idukki), who the team accused of the murder, is not the real killer. Peter is subsequently requested to take over the investigation, which identifies the culprit and provides an explanation for the murder of the entire family when they were just visitors.

Suraj Venjaramood nicely depicts a police officer whose son was murdered and his helplessness with skill, and the way he balances the professional and emotional demands of his duty. Because this is an investigative story, we have to suspect everyone, and Alencier Ley does an excellent job handling his cop position. The cameo by Deepak Parambol is fantastic. Joy Mathews, Padmaraj Ratheesh, and Sudheesh all perform short but important roles.

With his first film as a filmmaker, Unni Govindraj succeeds in making a thriller movie full of suspense. Even though it was a wise choice to keep the film at 70 minutes, the emotional scenes, particularly those following the death of Peter’s son, feel a little slow. However, the second half of the film picks up considerably.

The BGM by Gopi Sunder is superb, and it is admirable how he adapts the sounds to the circumstances. An admirable effort was made to keep the background music in time with the alliance to the police drum beat. The film’s advantage is its screenplay, which was written by a police officer and by PS Subramanian. It has the suspenseful feel of a thriller. The high peaks of Idukki and Kattappana are once again pleasantly captured by Vinod Illampally’s cinematographer.

Overall, this is a true investigative thriller movie; if you are a fan of both Suraj and thriller films, watch it.

Heaven deserves 3 out of 5 stars. It is a nice thriller despite having that background score-driven thriller treatment that doesn’t excite you. This is due to the spread nature of its twists and the regularity of those twists.

Heaven is directed by Unni Govindraj and produced by AD Sreekumar, K Krishnan, Rema Sreekumar, and T R Raghuraj. Watch it on co-star.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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