The first episode primarily focuses on Harry and Meghan’s courtship. We get the inside scoop on their early romance right from the source. From there, we are treated to many home videos of young Harry and his parents. Harry remembers his childhood fondly and says he doesn’t have many early recollections of his mother, but he does recall hearing her laugh. Harry and Meghan discuss the early stages of their relationship, going into depth about their first date, their email correspondence, their unique nicknames, and images and video from their one-week trip to Botswana. They detail the Halloween party they went to with Jack Brooksbank and Princess Eugenie the night before their connection became known. Harry also discusses how his mother’s passing affected his life and his interactions with the media and paparazzi, and he draws parallels between her treatment and that of Meghan.

In a 1995 interview with his mother, he stated that he thought his mother had been “deceived into giving the interview” but that she had nonetheless spoken “the truth of her experience.” Although he claims that his early years were “full of joy, happiness, and adventure,” he also claims that once his mother passed away, he received “no aid or supervision.” Both the children Archie and Lilibet, the children of Harry and Meghan, are also shown in the episode.

The death of Diana eventually comes up, and as Harry describes how he felt and how he still had to carry out his duties after her passing, it is difficult not to feel pity for him. The video of him passing his mother’s casket may be the first instance of genuine humanity in this presentation. Harry’s involvement with drugs, his attendance at clubs, his outbursts at the paparazzi, and his time at Eton all demonstrate the strain the media puts on him because of the public’s interest in his life, the pressure that he then attempts to escape from. It naturally brings up his friendship with Meghan and their vacation to Botswana in 2016. The foundation of their continuous friendship was this vacation. By the end of the episode, the public is made aware of Harry and Meghan’s relationship, and various sound bites feed us the tone that the reveal brings, ending the episode on a hook. The majority of this episode could pretty much be about life in the Royal Family. The footage inexorably loops back to Harry and Meghan. To know further, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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