Inspector Shivani Mathur (Mrunal Thakur) learns that there is a second suspect in the killing she is looking into, and the evidence links both of them. Things get difficult as case-related secrets are revealed. Will Shivani be able to solve the case and identify the natural killer?

When the story starts to lose steam, twists are ready to pick it back up. This is especially true when the story is developing in the opening act. The movie avoids using double roll cliches. The paradox of mistaken identity is not overused. Despite being a simple story, the plot twists are captivating, and the narrative improves with an interesting backstory.


Adapted from the Tamil film Thadam, Gumraah is an action-crime thriller. Many of these elements appear in Gumrah and curiously develop over the narrative. The movie expertly holds your attention from the first scene, in which a murder occurs, until the end, in which the mystery is solved. The suspense grows as Arjun Saigal and Ronnie, two individuals with identical appearances, become the primary suspects in the investigation.

The examples, in conclusion, will persuade you even if the story sounds improbable. The screenplay by Aseem Arora and Magizh Thirumeni and Ketkar’s sharp direction keeps the plot moving along rapidly for the most part, even when it shifts into flashbacks.

Aditya Roy Kapur is playing two characters, and they have excelled in each. Both had unique shades, which they both very effectively depicted. He portrays the sharply dressed businessman with the same panache as Ronnie, the streetwise thief. The actor is just as fabulous when delivering caustic words as performing stunts and emoting. His scenes with Chaddi make people laugh nervously.

Ronit Roy plays her cunning boss, ACP Dhiren Yadav, while Mrunal plays the no-nonsense, intelligent, and tenacious cop who maintains her ground. Despite having little screen time, Vedika Pinto does an excellent job as Arjun’s girlfriend. The soundtrack includes hummable songs and a background score by Ketan Sodha that heightens the tension. Abhijit Vaghani’s title track and Allah De Bande by Mithoon stand out in particular.

Rating : 3/5

Gumraah is a gripping story with surprising twists and potent storytelling that makes it worthwhile to see in a theater. Although the reason for the murder may not have been shocking, the suspense will keep you interested until the very end. These factors cause it to receive three out of five total ratings.

The movie was produced by Murad Khetani’s Cine1 Studios and directed by Vardhan Ketkar. Along with Mrunal Thakur, Ronit Roy, and Deepak Kalra playing the essential parts, Aditya Roy Kapur also appears as a dual character in the film. The movie debuts on April 7, 2023. Soon, OTT outlets will make it available.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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