After they are attacked, the Guardians of the Galaxy, by Knowhere from the Collector, start rebuilding it and add Cosmo as a new member. Kraglin Obfonteri shares with the Guardians the tale of how Yondu Udonta wrecked Peter Quill’s childhood Christmas as Christmastime draws near.


James Gunn’s involvement with the Marvel Cinematic Universe has carved out a place for his style of filmmaking, which emphasizes blending humour, nostalgia, and emotions in the correct amounts. The creator has succeeded in assembling all the elements necessary for a successful franchise with Guardians of the Galaxy. The Holiday Special is Marvel’s second presentation of its kind. It is a 40-minute celebration of the harmony and affection among these characters, now known as a family.

James and his writing group ensure that you sense that connection from the start of the Holiday Special. The team no longer hesitates. They consider each other, want the other person to be content, and make an effort. But be aware that this never devolves into a sob fest because the entire thing is meant to make you grin. He also adds Kevin Bacon, who will be given to Peter as a gift because he is a fan, to this. The humorous aspect arises from the fact that the pursuit is enjoyable.

A superhero story’s humour should advance the plot and character development and make the audience laugh. There is a ton of music, fond memories, entire playlists, and jokes, but none at the expense of feelings or the Guardians’ narrative development.

There is no room for error because the actors have played their roles for years. Everyone performs the parts to the best of their abilities, and everything works perfectly. Plom Klementieff, alias Mantis is given a lot more to accomplish, and she demonstrates that she has more to do than just induce hypnosis.

James Gunn took the most excellent course of action in sticking to his kind of filmmaking without trying to change anything. With his meta-writing, he undoubtedly tries a new trick. Even Kevin Bacon plays Kevin Bacon in the scene where he forces Mantis and Drax to travel through Hollywood. Surprisingly, the blend is so seamless that the phenomenon virtually enters the real world. You will instantly give in to the feeling created by the music by John Murphy and the vivid graphics ideal for a Christmas celebration.

Rating – 4/5.

The latter includes a song about Santa Claus and his nasty elves. As a child, it must have just been another Star Wars tale to enjoy over the holidays and not something to get upset about for demeaning the original.

James Gunn is the movie’s director, and Marvel Studios is the film’s producer. Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista, and Chris Pratt are the film’s leading actors. November 25, 2022, saw its release on Disney+ Hotstar.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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