Review- Ghar Waapsi
This story of Ghar Waapsi, set in Indore, centers on the middle-class family of five Dwivedis.
A son who lost his job in Bangalore returns to Indore, his impulsive young brother, and their naughty sister. We also have a controlling but loving mother, an adorable, pleasant father, and a son who lost his job in Bangalore. The narrative starts after Vishal Vashishtha’s Shekhar, the Dwivedi House’s eye candy, is fired from his work in Bangalore and returns to his village. His family, thrilled to see him after a long absence of two years, is unaware of it.
But everything is thrown out the window when they find out the truth. Shekhar begins to find his family and his entrepreneurial destiny during this trip back to his homeland.
A welcome attempt at tackling a middle-class issue to make it too real to your own life is Ghar Waapsi. Shekhar’s mother would prepare his favorite meals, and his younger siblings would whine that she didn’t love them equally. You smile because you have
occasionally claimed that your parents loved one of your siblings more than the others. You’ll feel bad for avoiding your buddies when Shekhar’s best friend is concerned about him being preoccupied with his career. As Shekhar tries to be in touch with his family, the series has a lot of heart and soul. Your seats will be warmed by hearing him talk to his siblings Sanju and Suruchi. Ghar Waapsi does an excellent job of capturing the lifestyle of a middle-class household.
The show is much more than just a family tie, though. When Shekhar is too anxious, a friend takes him to a random football game in the scene. This friend then inquires, “Akhri Baar tune itna Zinda kab feel Kiya tha,” after hearing him refer to the sensation as having a “Ferrari see tez heart rate.” We learn from the show that in addition to having employment, we also have a life we should enjoy. Most narratives that depict the hardships of the middle class omit discussions of mental health, inclusion, etc. Things are different in Ghar Waapsi, though.
Shekhar says to his parents, “baccho ke sath maa-baap ko bhi grow kar Lena chahiye,” at
one point. Here, the generational divide and its resolution are vividly illustrated.
All of the series’ performances are remarkable. The protagonist’s conflict between wanting to remain at home and being unwilling to leave his fast-paced existence in Banglore is expertly captured by Vishal Vashishth. Vibha Chibber and Atul Srivastava both gave outstanding achievements as parents. Vibha will, in reality, make you think of your mum. Saad Bilgrami and Anushka Kaushik, who play siblings, assign their roles just the appropriate amount of emotion. Nobody on the cast goes overboard.
The Dwivedi family won’t ever express their love for one another. Isn’t that how Indian
families tend to be? On the screen, you’ll be able to sense their strong bond. Ghar
Waapsi’s relatability will touch your heart to modern life.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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