This Gautham Ramachandran film has a lot of noteworthy elements. Gargi (Sai Pallavi) comes from a family that is lower middle-class. She works as a teacher and doesn’t have any grand ambitions. She enjoys attending classes in the evening but is eager for marriage. The story centers on the lead character’s tenacious struggle to release her imprisoned father, Brahmananda, a security officer in a tiny housing development played by RS Shivaji, who was charged with gang raping a young girl. Gargi’s mother trades idli batter to make ends meet for her and her younger sister.
As the movie opens, Gargi is supervising an examination. You can see how ferociously she guards her father. Gargi’s initial reaction when her fiancé tells her over call about his family having dowry demands is she is unable to put any more pressure on her father. Firstly, Brahmananda is not immediately seen on screen if we get the news that her father has been taken away by the police. They are expected to wait for RS Shivaji to arrive by Gautham Ramachandran. Those scenarios were expertly constructed. Gargi doesn’t know what to do and feels lost. She’s perplexed. She takes her time to react, as most women do, becoming numbed with shock & embarrassment. She shatters. She was, however, positive that her father would not be charged.
The narrative makes Gargi a good movie even though the plot is nothing fresh to the consumers. From the very first shot, director Gautham Ramachandran demonstrates his exceptional storytelling abilities. He effectively manages the operation.
It is unnecessary to introduce Woman Super Star Sai Pallavi with her incredible performing abilities. She portrays a respectable middle-class woman with a lot of issues and duties with ease. She is present in Gargi’s persona.
In addition, Kaali Venkat plays an excellent role. He portrays an attorney who steps forward to assist Gargi when everyone else is looking the other way. His performances are particularly good, especially those that take place during court proceedings. He does a good job portraying an inexperienced attorney who is determined to win the case.
The remaining cast members, including RS Shivaji, Aishwarya Lekshmi, and Jayaprakash, perform admirably. Despite having a very brief role, the young girl who portrays Gargi creates an impression. Particularly in scenes involving courts, dialogue is effective.
Scoring – 4/5 stars
Overall, Gargi is an emotive courtroom drama that discusses sex assault with a twist. Sai Pallavi’s stunning performance dominated the evening. Gargi is enjoyable, except for a few passages in the later part. You can enjoy it in theatres if you enjoy sober courtroom dramas.
It Starring Kaali Venkat, Sai Pallavi, R.S. Shivji, Aishwarya Lekshmi, and many more. The Music Director of the movie is Govind Vasantha and the movie was Produced by Thomas George and Ravichandran Ramachandran. The Director of the movie is Gautham Ramachandran.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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