The tale’s character is a young guy who got a mysterious tool that he named the Doordarshak. It can predict the future. He learns through the use of technology that his girlfriend is destined to suffer a terrible fate. After that, he embarks on a journey to defend her.

Fursat is a dramatic triumph over the time constraints on the film itself, taking place in the desert and scenic areas of Rajasthan. By focusing on topics like a lavish engagement, the importance of astronomy, and knowing our Bhavishya, the filmmaker has been able to draw attention to fundamental Indian beliefs and social norms.


A tale of love and time, Fursat by Vishal Bhardwaj is set aboard a moving train. This 30-minute short movie, captured on an iPhone 14 Pro, plays smoothly on the screen. Wamiqa Gabbi and Ishaan Khattar both gave excellent performances, creating believable characters in a short amount of time. He gave the female lead in this short film agency, making her decisions crucial to the plot.

Ishaan is a highly self-assured performer and has taken on some of the most uninteresting roles with the same passion. He must make an effort when he sees a Vishal Bhardwaj film, and he does. The outcome is excellent, and the performer makes the scene look natural.

Wamiqa Gabbi receives a second chance to work with the director and plays her part admirably. Together with acting, the performers must also be able to dance intricately while embodying their characters. They both perform very nicely.

Vishal decides to go a musical route for this short film and keeps us fascinated by his shots. He establishes that an iPhone is capable of performing these tasks and more. He has Shiamak Dawar and Gulzar Sahab with him to create a three-dimensional mystical experience. Thus the musical portions of it are pure attraction. The director is talented enough to nail every scene.

Except for Kal Kahin, Fursat’s music is entirely situational. Also, it advances the story without deviating from its natural flow. Salman Yusuf Khan does a respectable job portraying the dacoit, but his role is pretty one-note, which forces him to conform to a cliché.

Rating – Three out of five stars.

Three stars for the dance segments, which are exquisitely choreographed and gorgeously photographed, are the film’s initial standout feature. The bodies are adaptable and expressive. The dancers alternately assume the roles of a clock, a moving platform carrying the players, and a corpse while performing. Vishal Bhardwaj is the film’s director. Sadhya Vyas and Natasha Sunderan are the producers. Ishaan, Wamiqa Gabbi, and Salman Yusuf Khan appear in the movie. As of February 3rd, 2023, it is available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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