In a pivotal moment of immense consequence, Hari Seldon found himself at a crossroads where the fate of the world hung in the balance. Meeting Tellem Bond and her enigmatic Metallics on the planet Ignis had revealed the daunting challenge of convincing them to cooperate. The outcome of this negotiation would determine the course of history. In this episode, we delve into Hari Seldon’s mission and the enigmatic Tellem Bond’s inner thoughts.

Poly and Brother Constant arrived at the heart of the Empire, knowing that relaxation was a luxury they wouldn’t enjoy henceforth. Poly harbored doubts about the Empire’s response to their proposal, having cautioned Brother Constant to brace for the worst. Amidst revelry and intoxication, Poly opened up to Brother Constant, acknowledging the purity of his unwavering faith compared to his own. Poly, who had witnessed Hari Seldon firsthand, acknowledged the simplicity of believing in something he had seen. Yet, Brother Constant’s steadfast dedication despite never meeting Seldon inspired him.

A moment of introspection spurred Poly to reform himself, casting away his vices in pursuit of exemplary leadership. Unexpectedly, Imperial soldiers apprehended both Poly and Brother Constant, validating Poly’s suspicions. The Empire viewed these red-cloaked messengers of God with suspicion, prompting an inquiry into their sudden appearance on Trantor. Bel Rios and his team had been dispatched to seek out the barbaric tribes beyond the outer reaches, and arriving on Trantor at such a juncture made the Empire inherently hostile.

Elsewhere, Hober Mallow continued his journey in Foundation Episode 6, only to have his spaceship inexplicably immobilized by spacers suspicious of a non-imperial vessel.

On a serene beach, Salvor had a chance encounter with a young boy who possessed a unique gift—hearing thoughts without spoken words. Salvor learned that the “sighted” individuals had this extraordinary ability, and their lives depended on Tellem Bond’s interventions. Tellem had rescued all the sighted from imminent danger. Tellem, however, distanced herself from the Empire, seeking to protect her children from the inevitable consequences of their unique powers. Hari warned her that hiding wouldn’t shield her from the impending war that would engulf her paradise. He revealed Gaal’s vision—a grim prophecy of the Mentallic named The Mule rising to power a century hence. Hari and Salvor urged Tellem to touch Gaal’s hand to witness this grim future for herself.

Tellem, devastated by the vision, made a private offer to Gaal, proposing to train her to become the leader of the sighted. She enticed Gaal with the possibility of altering the future and saving Salvor from her predicted demise. Gaal’s attraction lay not in power but in the potential to change destiny. She accepted Tellem’s offer, much to Hari’s chagrin. He believed Tellem’s true motive was to destroy the Prime Radiant, resorting to manipulative tactics.

Hari left in frustration, later realizing that Tellem had hypnotized him to act irrationally. Tellem’s psychic powers allowed her to manipulate minds, a revelation that further deepened the intrigue. She showed Salvor and Gaal a fabricated scenario where Hari left on a spaceship while still being present, concealing the craft to search for the Prime Radiant without their interference.

Hari found himself chained, standing in rising waters, facing a torturous death. In his subconscious, he revisited the memory of meeting his wife, Dr. Yanna Kine, and the Empire’s disapproval of his predictive theories. Dr. Tadj, a colleague, had betrayed him, divulging his work to the Empire. She coerced Yanna to surrender a prototype, leading to a fatal confrontation in which Yanna lost her life.

Hari, aware of Yanna’s death through a locket connecting them, played a clever trick on Dr. Tadj, leading her to a field of moon shrikes, where she met her end. Meanwhile, it remained uncertain whether Hari had truly perished in the water or if he possessed the means to resurrect himself as he had miraculously done in the past. An additional enigma emerged—a second Hari Seldon inside a vault—raising questions about his role in shaping the future.

As the episode unfolds, the intricacies of this complex narrative continue to elude comprehension. We await subsequent episodes to unravel the mysteries and discover the fate of Hari Seldon, the destiny of the sighted, and the ultimate path of history. To know what’s next, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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