In the second epsidose of Foundation Season 02, Gaal Dornick grapples with profound guilt, believing her actions disrupted the galaxy’s carefully calculated course set by Hari Seldon. Gaal’s longing to correct her mistakes echoes throughout the episode, but the path to redemption is far from easy. Simultaneously, Brother Day, ruler of the Empire, embarks on a journey towards parenthood with Queen Sareth, raising questions about the queen’s true intentions. As we delve into this episode, we witness Gaal and Hari Seldon’s efforts to steer the world back on course.

Brother Day receives an update from Demerzel, who reassures him that his brothers, Dawn and Dusk, were not involved in the recent attack by the blind angels. However, Demerzel notes a flaw in the diagnostic process: if someone doesn’t remember their actions, the test shows no guilt. Demerzel promises to address this issue and suggests General Bel Rios as a suitable candidate to lead the Empire’s forces. Brother Day, for undisclosed reasons, vehemently opposes Bel Rios’ candidacy, possibly due to fear of the general’s growing popularity.

Queen Sareth, during a meal with the brothers, shares her reluctance to rule her kingdom, as her siblings were initially groomed for the role. Intrigued by genetic dynasties, she is taken to the Principium Tower to witness firsthand how genetic technology operates. Brother Day demonstrates how memories are transferred to their incubated clones in real-time, albeit with selective editing to ensure the clone doesn’t remember this process. Queen Sareth’s awareness of genetic manipulation raises concerns about the stability of their empire.

Hari Seldon’s arrival on a spaceship is marked by anger directed at Gaal, whom he blames for the impending despair and destruction. He emphasizes that they cannot interfere in Terminus’ impending war if they want to restore the world’s correct course. Salvor, though puzzled by this approach, is left with no choice but to trust her companions. Gaal, through psychohistory calculations, predicts a potential turning point in 100 to 150 years that could set things right. She proposes a speculative theory: if Salvor could glimpse Gaal’s past, what Gaal is seeing might be her future’s past. Gaal ventures into the future and encounters a warlord named The Mule with telepathic powers, seeking information about the second Foundation.

Upon her return, Gaal reveals that The Mule is also telepathic and is searching for a man named Hober Mallow. The Mule perceives the second Foundation as a threat to his galaxy-dominating ambitions. Gaal recalls that The Mule is headed to a planet called Ignis, prompting the trio to plan their journey there. Gaal’s vision, however, haunts her, depicting Salvor lying injured. She fears the vision may come true, leading to Salvor’s demise.

Poly, the child present during the vault’s initial opening, has evolved into a religious leader for the Church of the Galactic Spirit. Alongside Brother Constant, they embark on missionary work in the Outer Reach. Their efforts face opposition as the locals revere a different deity and view Hari Seldon as a false prophet. Suspicion arises that the Foundation may have resorted to deceitful means to convert people, causing hostility towards them.

Poly and Brother Constant learn that the vault is set to open again after 138 years during a magic show. Eager to see the prophet once more, they return to Terminus, where Poly’s reputation among the masses contrasts with the administration’s mistrust due to his often inebriated state. Warden Yager takes the lead in front of the vault but unexpectedly turns to ashes when it opens, revealing the name “Hober Mallow.” Gaal had encountered the same name in her vision of the future, leaving us with questions about this enigmatic figure’s role in the unfolding events.

As Foundation’s narrative unfolds, the emergence of Hober Mallow promises to reshape the galaxy’s destiny, but whether as a savior or obstacle remains a mystery to be unveiled in future episodes. To know what’s next, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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