A couple of officers with a history of working together contend with old clues, spurious leads, and the passage of time and are sent to Mussoorie to find the serial killer when bodies of young girls are found there after going missing on their birthdays.


‘Forensic’ is not a completely credible suspense thriller, it keeps you interested enough to believe the story. The amount of information available up until the halfway point may give the viewer the impression that they are in the lead. But about halfway through, the ground is swept out from under us. Young girls are kidnapped on their birthdays and found dead after a few days.

Abhay, Johnny’s brother (Rohit Roy) was married to Megha’s sister. Their mother passed away a few days after the death of their one child. Megha won’t let his daughter Anya see Abhay since she thinks he is responsible for these fatalities. This makes her fight with Johnny worse.

Prachi Desai steals the show with her child psychologist character. As charming as ever is Vikrant Massey. Fortunately, he loses some of his animated characteristics as the film goes on. Radhika Apte, unusually, falls short of totally embodying the role, although her portrayal is suitable for the scene.

Forensic Zee5 holds your patience in multiple ways. At first, it had a compelling story, but as the two hours went on, it just grew more and more unbelievable, to the point where even science fiction or supernatural horror films will find it difficult to match its level of plausibility. That most certainly isn’t a compliment for a psychological thriller. The movie depicts forensic procedures with accuracy, but when it comes to psychotherapy, it enters the realm of imagination.

The plot develops as the action gets more intense. The song “Belagaam,” performed by Mikka Singh and Nikita Gandhi, enlivens a scene that was already gripping. Songs typically drag down thrillers. Subrata Dutta and Vindhu Randhava, make an effort to provide comic relief, but their quips fall flat. The enjoyable element is the chemistry between Apte and Massey.

The “huge surprise” in the ending is a little improbable. Others might even consider it problematic. ‘Forensic’ is a good watch if you’re seeking mildly entertaining entertainment to pass the time and are not worried about loopholes


The movie deserves 3 stars out of 5. The story was engaging but it was not that interesting enough to enjoy till last.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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