In the opening scene of this episode, Pawan is off on his campaign trail and delivers a stirring speech about the need to revive the nation’s economy in light of the pandemic danger. He suggests Megha’s counterfeiting technology to aid with that.

Sunny, who is currently depressed, has resumed selling paintings. He even succeeds in getting 2000 baht for one of his works. As a result, he goes to supper with his Uncle. Three weeks have passed, but Nannu is still inconsolable about what occurred. Sunny feels bad about disappointing his grandfather, but he doesn’t feel wrong about the procedure.

When Yassir comes back to the factory, Nannu is back to publishing the magazine once more, but the elderly guy is nowhere to be found. He can’t be located, so Firoz and Sunny try to locate them together. Given that there is a procedure for everything and that the police eventually get jailed for disobedience, they aren’t much assistance. After spotting Nannu exploring the alleyways, Yassir stands by them and sends the couple out.

Before Nannu wakes up, Yassir proposes they depart, but when he does, he starts talking about Sunny’s mother and her cuisine. Sunny decides they shall speak in the morning while holding his hand. The family decides to try and get Nannu a reputable doctor because he doesn’t seem to have any memories.

Megha ultimately spends the night at work. She’s been having trouble finding a new place to live because the lease on her apartment is up. She is hiding from her landlord to extend her stay. Susan, a colleague of hers, offers to host her temporarily and offers to help her out.

Mansoor invites Sunny to join him at the office. At first, he declines, stating that he has left this industry. Greed is immortal. Mansoor continues by mentioning his grandfather’s state of health. Mansoor tries to reason with him diplomatically, but when that doesn’t work, things get heated.

Sunny is eventually forced headfirst into this because he doesn’t have a lot of choices. However, Sunny starts to agree and decides that this is their moment to go outside and display his talent.

While it’s good to learn more about the characters’ backgrounds, the entire episode sidesteps to focus on family issues, which slows down the pacing.

This time, the conflict between Michael and his son drags on, but it goes some distance toward explaining why he is so committed in this case and his intentions.

However, the final ten minutes are brilliant, and forcing Sunny and Firoz to deal with Mansoor Dalal will undoubtedly lead to many future issues. What will be ahead? To know that, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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