We learn about the history of Mansoor’s smuggling operation to enter India in the first scene of this episode. The people responsible for this are tenacious and incredibly effective, whether they are from Pakistan, Nepal, or any of the other nearby nations. The problem is that they must be. Even the best phone bills are useless in the big picture if the group cannot target the correct audience. Distribution is crucial, and once counterfeit notes are widely available, it is already too late.

Michael collects his special task team and informs them of everything, telling them they will be battling the forgers to the best of their abilities. Shekhar Ahlawat, the Chief Investigating Officer in this place, will assist the Counterfeiting squad. Unfortunately, the acronym is CCFART, which causes most of the employees to chuckle.

But considering how brutal Mansoor Dalal can be, their aim is not something to be taken lightly. He is in control of the whole counterfeiting operation. Megha, who is determined to stop a “financial crisis” and thinks they must track down these new bogus notes, is not yet a team member. Premal, her superior, is not on board and argues that since they are merely analysts, they should follow the police’s lead.

Megha requests her superior for permission after seeing a job posting for the Counterfeiting team that evening. She will return in three to four months, but she must take this action now. She also possesses the game-changing CT-600.

Firoz and Sunny complete their exchange, but they become arrogant and want more cash to make up for the alcohol that was misplaced en route. However, they choose to squander it and go out drinking rather than hiding it. However, when they return to the factory, Nannu faces his guys, who have completely broken his heart. He claims Sunny is more traumatic than his father and that this is the most considerable anguish they have ever experienced. They are forced from the printed word and are now attempting to understand their current predicament.

As the season nears its midpoint, Farzi is just beginning to pick up the pace. Even though Megha may not be completely aware of how near she has come to revealing Firoz and Sunny, the cat-and-mouse game is well and truly underway.

It’s a wonder that the two weren’t noticed because the atmosphere inside the printed word was so tense. Sunny, however, interprets this as a message from God, and he will keep working on his idea to print more.

Uncertainty surrounds their next move now that Nannu is informed of their scheme and the duo has been expelled from the factory. Will Sunny and Firoz split up? Or can they handle this because of their deep friendship? These two are set to face their biggest obstacle yet; that much is certain. What will happen next? To know that, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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