At the beginning of this episode, it opens with a peek at Sunny’s history. He and his dad have been hopping from location to location since his mother’s death, dodging police to keep safe. That is, until the fateful day when his father abandons him on a train while they ride, leaving his kid to visit his grandfather.

After that, Sunny barely edged out a life on the subway platforms to draw his way back to his father. It fails (as shown in later flashbacks when Sunny’s father is shown lying dead just on train tracks), but he does become friends with Firoz. Sunny’s son understands that his dad had deserted him even if he had been slain. Fortunately, Sunny is discovered by his Nannu, who also invites Firoz aboard.

Then, we come back to New Delhi in the present. A woman by the name of Megha makes an effort to educate a group of uninterested officials about counterfeiting. She tries to market a software program called the CT-600 to attempt and find out fake money. The group treats the situation with total indifference and a lack of seriousness.

Michael discusses the circumstances in Kathmandu and the status of the counterfeit job he is in charge of with his accomplice outside. He wants a team to attempt and stop what he sees as financial terrorism. Pawan Gahlot, though, is currently focused only on the impending elections.

Sunny is afraid to let his partner use cash, so when he and Ananya go out for a celebration supper, Sunny ultimately ends up paying the bill with his own money. He writes a few notes in the novel and leaves them there. However, as they walk away, they pass Megha, who is on a blind date. She isn’t too thrilled about this and eventually tells the guy that the only reason she is there is to please her mother, who wants to set her up as the doctor.

However, due to everything, Megha obtains fake currency and searches the cash machine for more. Unfortunately, Megha begins to pursue Firoz and Sunny after realizing that the bill is a “sandwich note” and being desperate to track down its author.

Another solid episode from Farzi, who is back, this time including Megha, who will undoubtedly become involved in this mission with Michael and track down the counterfeiters. She has a relatively intriguing moral stance in all of this, especially given that she has experienced financial hardship.

Firoz and Sunny’s organization appears to be moving forward quickly right now. Still, you can immediately sense that things will go wrong in the future, especially considering the individuals they are collaborating with. Not to mention the flashes into the future that we have also been experiencing.

Although this episode’s middle section might have used some tightening up, the drama is still fantastic, and there is still enough to enjoy. Bring on the following chapter! To know ahead, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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