The Series opens with Sunny and Firoz both in big trouble. They are bagged and bound, taken to a hidden house, and interrogated over paper currency.

Returning, we discover that Sunny also works as an artist. He can replicate any well-known painting thanks to his genuine aptitude with a paintbrush or pencil. While his grandfather also possessed this talent, he also had Kranti Magazine to rely on when his hopes fell short. Sunny’s closest friend and coworker, Firoz, is in this publishing company. Here, his grandfather is in charge and works arduous 15-hour shifts.

When Sunny visits his grandfather, he finds out that their magazine isn’t doing so well. Sunny disagrees with Nannu’s grandiose intentions to put the event online and broaden their audience. Sunny is forced to live with their outdated printing press, despite how much he despises it. Flashbacks show that Firoz and Sunny had kept that a mystery and stored up their money to stow away in Nannu’s drawer, so it’s never done well.

Firoz and Sunny realize there is a cost to everything as time passes. When you don’t have any wealth, all you see is money, and as Sunny immerses himself in his art and Firoz spends more time working at the factory, the two remain close throughout the years.

Sunny discovers that the incorrect paper was used previously, which is why the bill wasn’t working. After determining the correct consistency, they decide to bleach the form and then plan to print on both sides of the money. It also works! Once they have their treasure, they realize how great the money is.

Mansoor is the one keeping Firoz and Sunny prisoner in the earlier scene from the episode’s beginning. Sadly, Firoz is killed by gunfire when Sunny acknowledges that he produced the banknote.

Farzi’s debut episode is promising, and Sunny and Firoz are given good characterizations. We understand their motivations for doing this rather clearly, and they have all the skills necessary to succeed, thanks to their training in painting and printing.

The fact that Mansoor holds the two hostages is revealed at the conclusion and is a beautiful way to tie it into the Mansoor subplot. It is unclear whether Firoz has been killed by gunfire or not, and this very early in the game, this might very well be a significant fake-out.

With the notes and the entire operation, there are undoubtedly some resemblances to Catch Me If You Can. Still, beyond that, Farzi seems like an original take on this concept, so it’ll be intriguing to watch what occurs next.

There’s little doubt about it, though: the upcoming episodes will be a real rollercoaster ride! What’s next, to know that stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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