In Elite season 7’s Episode 2, ‘Protocol,’ the intricate lives of Las Encinas students are further unveiled, exposing a tapestry of relationships and hidden challenges. Cyberbullying on a school app, particularly targeting Didac, ignites personal conflicts.

Omar faces turmoil witnessing Ivan and Joel’s growing friendship, compounded by his decision to halt therapy sessions, causing concern for his friend Mateo. Amid rising tensions, Omar grapples with haunting memories of Samuel’s death, culminating in a poignant breakdown at school.

The dynamic shifts when Ivan gifts Joel a suit for a racing event, leading to an unexpected turn as Joel playfully flirts, inadvertently revealing his and Ivan’s budding relationship to Omar.

Roberta, with her own agenda, closely observes Isa and Didac’s interactions, while Pau exposes Roberta’s involvement in a past shooting incident. Roberta’s disapproval of Isa and Didac’s relationship clashes with Pau’s insistence she backs off, further complicated by her attempt to bribe Isa.

Sara’s struggles manifest physically as she battles discomfort and seeks solace through the app, eventually attributing her symptoms to allergies, which her PE teacher, Jessica, notices.

Joel, overwhelmed by Omar’s incessant concern, confronts him, urging him to back off and stop being clingy. Joel is becoming increasingly frustrated by Omar’s constant complaints about the changes at Las Encinas, which he believes are hurting their friends. Joel then confides in Ivan, threatening to quit school if Omar continues to make him uncomfortable. However, Ivan remains content with their friendship and is eager to support Joel.

Simultaneously, Chloe sets her sights on Ivan as her next target, much to Sonia’s disgust. As Didac and Isa cut classes to spend time with their beloved mare, Amazona, Isa expresses her distress over the horse’s injuries sustained in a previous race. Didac offers to help her secretly move the horse before the upcoming race, relying on Isa’s mother’s stable pass.

At home, Omar considers taking pills but is interrupted by Joel, who offers comfort. Nico and Rocio locate Eric at a homeless shelter, where Rocio calms him and promises her judge mother’s help. Chloe chats with Sonia about Nico, urging him to reconcile with her. Ivan receives a reassuring message from Omar in the bathroom. Sonia and Nico share a tender moment, leading to a kiss.

Carmen overhears Chloe and Ivan’s bathroom conversation, revealing Ivan as Chloe’s brother. Amazona, the mare, is poisoned, sparking accusations against Pau. Sara recalls her manipulative past and advises by Jessica to stand up for herself. Sara suggests inviting Ivan to live with them to control the hit-and-run narrative.

Joel decides to leave school for Omar’s sake, prompting Omar to quit his internship. Before acting, Omar finds a troubling message on the app, foreshadowing more drama. Stay tuned for what’s next!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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