The episode begins with Omar’s therapist urging him to confront his inner demons rather than avoiding them. Omar is still haunted by nightmares of Samuel’s tragic death.

At Las Encinas, parents express concern about Didac, from a notorious mafia family, after a shooting incident. They vote on his expulsion due to safety concerns, with the school director, Luis, mediating. Didac is suspended until the vote.

Didac turns to his brother Pau for support, who advises him to steer clear of the shooting’s mysteries. Meanwhile, a new student, Chloe, faces humiliation from a leaked sex tape. Chloe’s mother flirts with Jose Luis, causing tension.

Ivan is discharged from the hospital, and Sara struggles with guilt over withholding information about Patrick. Raul manipulates Sara into keeping quiet. In a new school, Omar rejects an internship offer. Luis tries to convince Nico’s parents to let Didac stay, highlighting their friendship.

They later become aware of Maria’s nephew, Eric, being arrested during a protest turned riot. They bail him out and invite Eric to stay over. However, Alfonso is concerned about Eric’s activism potentially derailing Nico’s life. Maria is firm in her decision, leading to a disagreement.

Back at Ivan’s place, a party is thrown to lighten the mood. Isa avoids Didac, and Ivan comforts her, urging her not to dwell on loss but to cherish the present. Patrick leaves a farewell message for Ivan, promising they will meet again soon.

After the guests depart, Ivan grieves for Patrick until a pizza delivery boy, Joel, arrives. Ivan falls, and Joel offers assistance. Feeling lonely, Ivan invites Joel to stay for dinner.

Isa and Didac discuss his potential expulsion but Isa disassociates during intimacy. Didac stays by her side. Meanwhile, Nico tries to kiss Sonia, who prefers dancing.

Ivan apologizes to Joel for their kiss, expressing a desire to support his future. Eric attempts a conversation with Chloe at the club, but she walks away. Chloe admits to leaking the sex tape.

Carmen advises Chloe to respect herself, but Chloe argues they have nothing and must play the game. Jose Luis reveals he’s Cruz’s lawyer, refusing Carmen’s pension request due to a contract clause. Ivan looks at Cruz’s photo.

Joel receives a scholarship from Ivan. Omar confesses his past to Joel, who supports him. Joel enrolls at Las Encinas, where Ivan and Omar welcome him. In a twist, Luis is revealed as an undercover cop investigating Didac.

The episode reintroduces beloved characters like Omar but introduces a new mystery at Las Encinas. While not fully explaining the previous season’s shooting, it sets the stage for Didac’s exit. New characters vary in relevance. Fans may miss the classic murder mystery format. Stay tuned for more!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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