When a deceptive housewife with a personality disorder has been captive by a terrorist on the loose and a husband accused of cheating on his wife has their versions of fact, how do we know who’s confessing the truth? Dhokha Round D corner is a story of lies and harsh truths.


The Dhokha Round D Corner is a Mysterious movie. The movie shows straight to the contest and during the opening song, it is shown that two loved-ups, Yathaarth Sinha (R Madhavan) and Sanchi Sinha (Khushalii Kumar) are now on the brink of separating. The movie shows a terrorist who unknowingly enters apartment 302 and takes a housewife hostage.
Yathaarth Sinha, an advertising manager, and his wife Sanchi Sinha are seeking a divorce. However, we see Madhavan talking to a psychiatrist because his wife’s situation is worsening.

Madhavan enters his office and notices on the news that a terrorist Haq Gul (Aparshakti Khurana) has invaded his flat and is keeping his spouse hostage. Yathaarth rushes to his house and meets the ACP Harishchandra Malik (Darshan Kumar) and tells him that his wife Sanchi suffers from a delusional disorder.
Sanchi tells Haq Gul that her husband used to give her drugs to make her ‘mad’ and is having an affair with her psychiatrist. The officer tells Yathaarth that Haq Gul is a dreaded terrorist, who had killed 13 students in a blast. Throughout the movie, the audience imagines who’s telling the truth. It is finally revealed that at last who speaks the truth?

The movie becomes ordinary and repetitive quickly, though it picks up the rate in the second half when stuff turns more confrontational.
The big plot twist may seem mind-bending only to watchers unfamiliar with the genre; the turn of circumstances is rather predictable. The tracks, characters, and backstories are not correlated enough to be assuring or impactful.
Transferring a psychiatrist-tested terrorist from one jail to another with just his hands tied with a rope and one officer handling him is correct or he is alright with the fact that a police officer is prompting the terrorist more while negotiating.
Also, people are too calm to be in an area that is under terrorist attack. Yathaarth and Kumar are continuously chatting and smoking as if the terrorist will wait until their banter is over.

The movie deserves 3 stars out of 5. Although the movie is good yet there are many questions to be raised.

Dhokha: Round D Corner movie is directed by Kookie Gulati and produced by T-Series. It is streaming on Netflix.

The audience just has her husband and psychiatrist’s word to take for it and just one event hints at his wife’s condition.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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