Rudraveer, a coal mafioso, and an international people trafficker is the target of Special Agent Agni’s investigation and eventual elimination. When Agni learns the truth linking her to Rudraveer, the situation takes a personal turn.

Dhaakad Review:

Kangana, is a brave field officer of the International Task Force, of the Indian government. She works on a mission to put an end to global human trafficking that started in the coal mines of central India. She ultimately has a personal score to settle with Rudraveer, the mastermind behind this ring that operates beyond the control of India’s coal mines.

Kangana Ranaut is in a gritty, action-oriented avatar, which is uncommon in our movies. Her strength, dexterity, and commitment to shaping her persona to make it seem credible are all quite clear and admirable. Divya Dutta does a remarkable job of elevating the writing and giving the story strong backing. Arjun Rampal, who appears as Rudraveer, exerts a lot of effort. He is attempting to appear and act wicked.

The majority of the technical credit goes to camerawork and action choreography. Even though it’s an obvious flashback, it’s fascinating to see a popular movie employ black and white to indicate it; it’s a nice little touch.

On the other hand, something is missing that would have held all the moments together. An action movie is not solely dependent on great action setups. Better scripting would have improved the movie. It lacked a compelling plot and a better-written screenplay that would have justified the action scenes and the people introduced into the fictional realm here.

Even if the film’s outcome is disappointing, it has a lot of impressive names in the credits. Although Dhaakad is only two hours and ten minutes long, the race seems much longer. And so, in a kind of paradox, you have the urge to know or comprehend how the plot moved from point A to point B without the lullabies and a backstory that repeats itself three times.

Arjun Rampal’s character may have benefited from better writing, which would have produced greater outcomes. For the story to be more engaging, Agni and Rudraveer needed to interact more.

Despite the director’s best efforts, she falls far short of her goal of creating a woman-led action movie without any romantic asides to veer off into. Additionally, it hurts when actors like Sharib Hashmi and Saswata Chatterjee are only given little roles.

3 out of 5 stars is the overall rating. It would have been fantastic if the story had been as strong as the excellent action and stunning aesthetics

Written By : Indori Nerd

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