At the beginning of this episode, Nadia and Mason’s past relationship is revisited. Mason makes a proposal to Nadia following the Oz key drama. She at first thinks it’s a prank.

The current time is now on the timeline. Anders tries to release Bernard after discovering that Celeste is still alive. But after shooting Anders, Dahlia starts arguing with Bernard once more. He claims that she murdered thousands of people and tells Dahlia that Thomas would have been horrified if he had seen what she was doing. But Dahlia refers to these individuals as criminals to defend her acts.

When Nadia learns that Bernard backstopped Celeste, the story again jumps to a decade earlier. She learns that Mason was also conscious of the same thing. Mason claims that he did it to protect her when Nadia confronts him. Nadia was the one who removed the Oz key. Mason claims he didn’t inquire about her employer because he didn’t want to learn the truth about her. He was worried about what he might learn.

Nadia informs Mason that she destroyed the Oz key since no one should be trusted with such power. She instructs Mason to react to Celeste’s memories. Mason informs Nadia that he erased Celeste’s memories from the computer because he loves her and wants to keep her safe. Everything Mason says enrages Nadia.

When Nadia meets Rahi Gambhir, he gives her a passport to travel to Valencia. Rahi warns Nadia to exercise caution when handling Citadel. Back in the present day, the story resumes. Mason is warned not to trust Nadia by Carter Spence since she worked for Manticore alongside renowned terrorist Rahi Gambhir.

Dahlia threatens to assassinate Bernard’s family in Miami as one last reminder for him to divulge the password. She attacks despite him giving her the password. Joe and
Abby attempt to leave the base where they have been residing. Davik informs Dahlia that Nadia and Mason brought Carter along. Nadia still doesn’t trust Carter, and she doesn’t understand why he hates her so much.

What precisely is Nadia keeping a secret regarding Rahi Gambhir and the Oz key? Why is Carter so angry with her? What action will Dahlia take next? The fifth episode of
Citadel was a major letdown. The plot twists at this point are predictable and not even excellent. The chemistry between Priyanka Chopra-Jonas and Richard Madden has been my main gripe. It is unpleasant to see them interact as a pair because of how terrible it is. Therefore, if the timeline moves a decade back, you should scroll past their together scenes.

Nadia’s “big” secret and explaining what occurred to the Oz key don’t sit well with the audience. It wasn’t difficult to figure out what happened to the Oz key after all the bizarre drama surrounding Celeste the previous week. You haven’t been kept interested in the mystery by the creators very well. The plot is only superficial, with no layers or depth. When there isn’t a significant threat, where or why are these agents running?
Dahlia can’t be mentioned because she hasn’t done nearly enough to merit the title of villain.

Overall, this is lacking in all positive qualities. It only gets worse and worse. There is persistent and annoying ambiguity around Citadel, Manticore, and the agents. In this spy action thriller, we yearn for some thrills. To know what’s ahead, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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