The movie revolves around the investigation of the killer who killed many movie critics in the town. Inspector Arvind Mathur (Sunny Deol) is trying to solve a case that involves the murders of film critics. Nila( Shreya Dhanwanthary) meets Danny(Dulquer Salmaan )at his shop and is drawn by him. Later, Arvind Mathur found that the psychopath killer was none other than Danny.


The Chup movie is a crime thriller movie. The film is set up in Mumbai. It is a story of a psychopath killer who is killing film critics. Inspector Arvind thinks on the matter when a famous critic Nitin Shrivastav was brutally murdered without any reason.
Danny runs a florist shop in Mumbai. One day Nila a content writer came to his shop to buy flowers for her mother and both were drawn by each other. Next day, Inspector Arvind started doing investigations on Nitin’s death case to get the killer. He went to meet directors and producers but did not get any clue. Two more dead bodies were found and both of them were critics.
Inspector found that all dead bodies had a star mark on their head. He further understood that the way metaphors were used by the critics in their review was the same way the killer had killed them. To save more professional critics, Arvind Mathur proposed a meeting with them to say that they only write positive reviews about the movie.
Danny goes to Nila’s house with a bouquet made of paper flowers which she likes a lot and they spent quality time in her house. Nila gets a message from her boss that she has to write beautiful content on Gur Dutt’s birthday on which Nila remembers his last movie was ‘kagaaz ka Phool ‘ she wrote content that her boss liked a lot.
After a few days again a critic died. Inspector Arvind gets two weeks time from his senior to find the killer otherwise the case will be given to CBI. Inspector meets a psychologist who gives him many hints about the reason behind killing the critics.
Later, Arvind assumes a plan that he would ask Nila to help him and as per his plan everything went accurately and at last, he found the killer who was Danny.

The Chup deserves 3.5 stars out of 5. It shows the sophisticated relationship between critics and its art. Even though the conclusion is known yet it was satisfying.
Chup: Revenge of the artist is directed by R.Balki and produced by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Jayantilal Gada, Gauri Shinde, and R.Balki. It is Streaming on Disney Plus.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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