Sanya ( Rakul Preet Singh ) feels embarrassed by the odd nature of her job as the quality control manager for a condom firm. Will she ever feel at ease in her position and inspire others to engage in safe sex?


Chhatriwali is the most recent addition to the genre of social dramas that employs humour to address taboo topics like “contraceptives” and “safe sex”.

Sanya, a chemistry teacher, becomes a local activist to destigmatize sex education in this Karnal-based story. Sanya accepts a position as the quality control manager in a condom manufacturer to make ends meet. She is initially shy and embarrassed, but when the company’s owner, Mr Lamba, helps her realize the significance of this position, she starts to feel comfortable with her unconventional choice.

Sanya and Rishi married without understanding how she makes a living, which changes the course of events. Instead, she makes up the fact that she works for an umbrella company to deceive her mother and in-laws. The charade is expected yet enjoyable from the start.

The film Helmet and the television show Janhit Mein Jaari are more blended together in Chhatriwali. Numerous scenes and circumstances—from Sanya lying about her employment to everyone to Rishi’s embarrassing condom-buying experience—are clichés. The film’s first half is carefully cultivated before the social criticism issue develops, making the second half a slow burn, similar to movies based on this concept.

The movie makes a problematic comparison between using condoms and stopping abortions. With the tagline “mujhse karna hai pyaar, toh condom ko karo sweekar,” Sanya channels her inner activist and critiques the use of condoms over birth control pills, enticing women to speak up who find it difficult to do so to begin a dialogue.

In this 117-minute movie, Rakul Preet Singh directs wonderfully. Being Sanya’s mother, Dolly Ahluwalia is not very involved. As Rishi, a man who believes that condoms are for lovers, not for married couples, Sumeet Vyas is fantastic. Rishi loves his wife without condition. Rajesh Tailang and Prachee Shah Paandya effectively portray their parts as Bhaiji and his wife, respectively.

Bhaiji is a biology instructor who thinks pupils shouldn’t be taught about sex. Though Satish Kaushik’s flamboyant wig is distracting, he is entertaining as Mr Lamba. Although Sunidhi Chauhan’s Special Edition Kudi is uplifting, the other songs in the film won’t make you want to hit the reply button.

Rating – Two out of five stars.

In large part, it only discusses the symptoms of the issues without going into detail regarding the underlying causes and why such a mindset still prevails in society. Nevertheless, Chhatriwali is watchable if you have the correct attitude.

This social comedy film is directed by Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar and produced by Ronnie Screwvala. It stars Rakul Singh and Sumeet Vyas in the lead roles. The chhatriwali movie release on OTT ZEE5 date is January 20, 2023.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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