Ladybug(Brad Pitt) is an unfortunate assassin who’s determined to do his job peacefully after too many gigs have set him off the rails. Destiny, however, had other plans as his latest mission puts him on a crash course with lethal enemies from around the globe – all with related yet clashing objectives -on the world’s fastest train.


Bullet train is a comedy thriller movie. The plot takes place on a bullet train careening through Japan. Its characters are knowingly comic bookish and touch abstract.
In Tokyo, Yuichi Kimura a suffering father wants revenge after his son has been pushed off a rooftop. Later Ladybug, graduating from therapy, is given the task to fetch a briefcase from the bullet train and the whole scene takes place.
Prince(Joey King) is a young woman who attacked Yuichi’s son. Yuichi and two assassin brothers called Tangerine( Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Lemon(Brian Tyree Henry ) are appointed to look after the briefcase and the son of a Russian-born known as White Death(Michael Shannon).
Ladybug gives the briefcase to Lemon in return for getting off the train. Lemon thinks that Ladybug had killed the White Death’s son, leading to a fight in which Lemon is punched unconscious.
A rough fight starts between all the assassins. The Prince and Yuichi find the briefcase and Ladybug encounters Tangerine and pushes him off the train, yet Tangerine manages to climb back.
The Prince shoots Lemon. Ladybug encounters another assassin ‘Hornet’, who infected the White Death’s son and Wolf’s wedding party with venom.
Ladybug believed the prince to be innocent and killed tangerine with his gun. Yuichi’s father tells Ladybug that he is attempting revenge against the White Death, who killed his wife.
Later, The Prince is disclosed to be the White Death’s estranged daughter. The White Death clarifies that every assassin on the train was responsible for his wife’s death except for Ladybug.
However, Their fight causes the train to collide and crash into downtown Kyoto. Later on, The White Death is killed by a rigged gun in an attempt to kill the ladybug.
At last, Ladybug’s handler Maria(Sandra Bullock) reaches to receive him as he rejoices finally getting off the bullet train.

Bullet train movie deserves 4.2 stars out of 5. As It is a very high entertainment and comedy but a serious movie -which makes the movie almost perfect.
The Bullet Train movie is produced by David Leitch, Antoine Fuqua, and Kelly McCormick and directed by David Leitch.

It is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Google Play movies & TV.

The twisty plot is praiseworthy because each character went against each other rather than something not expected which makes the audience curious if something will happen to the characters.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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