The premiere episode of the Netflix crime drama series “In Bodies” opens with a tangled web spanning four distinct timelines. In 2023, Detective Hasan, amidst a far-right protest, stumbles upon a gunman leading her to a corpse, setting off a chain of events. Simultaneously, in 1941, Detective Whiteman faces discrimination amid World War II, directed at him by Inspector Farrell, and is tasked with handling a mysterious body. Furthermore, in 1890, Detective Hillinghead, a closeted gay man, discovers a body and crosses paths with a journalist. These timelines interweave, showcasing detectives grappling with their challenges while confronting puzzling murder cases.

Hasan, a Muslim woman balancing familial responsibilities, is drawn into the investigation surrounding the murder of a white male. As she delves deeper, her encounters with Syed, a key figure at the crime scene, challenge her beliefs about his involvement in the crime. The episode takes an unexpected turn when Syed’s actions confound expectations, leaving Hasan grappling with the repercussions.

Meanwhile, Hillinghead navigates a clandestine world while investigating the body found in a rookery. His encounter with the journalist, Henry Ashe, unravels a web of secrets and complicates the investigation. The revelation of a potential scandal involving a high-ranking official’s son adds complexity to Hillinghead’s pursuit of truth.

Across these timelines, recurring themes emerge, notably involving the peculiar circumstance of a gunshot victim without a bullet, confounding the coroners in different eras. The enigmatic photograph leads Hillinghead to a confrontation with a coroner who demands its destruction, unveiling a deeper mystery.

The complexity amplifies as Whiteman faces the aftermath of Farrell’s demise, stumbling upon unexpected consequences following the discovery of the body he was ordered to retrieve. The intricacies of the investigation intertwine with political strife and clandestine dealings, testing Whiteman’s resolve.

Amidst the convoluted narrative, the introduction of a fourth detective, Iris Maplewood in 2053, reopens the case, introducing a startling twist: the supposedly deceased body from the past is found alive in the future, propelling the mystery into an unforeseen dimension.

While the premise of “In Bodies” holds promise, the execution falters. The series struggles to harness its innovative concept, instead succumbing to convoluted storytelling. Multiple timelines create confusion, disrupting the audience’s immersion and engagement. The narrative’s potential brilliance is overshadowed by unresolved plot holes, leaving viewers grappling with a fragmented storyline.

Despite commendable performances and immersive settings, the overwhelming complexity impedes the show’s potential impact. The abrupt shifts between timelines disrupt character development and viewer investment. The first episode, rather than being an engaging introduction, becomes a maze of disconnected narratives, undermining the viewers’ ability to connect with the characters and the overarching mystery.

In summary, while “In Bodies” introduces an ambitious and inventive premise, its inaugural episode fails to deliver a coherent and captivating narrative. The potential of time travel as a storytelling device remains untapped, overshadowed by a disjointed and bewildering sequence of events. As the series unfolds, it must streamline its storytelling to capitalize on its original concept and regain its audience’s trust. To know what’s ahead, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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