Aashish, a gifted 10-year-old villager, aspires to go to a bigger school in the city like his buddies. Sadly, his family disagrees, preferring that he finish his education in Hamlet. He even loses out on the chance to obtain a bicycle through a government programme, which worsens his troubles and makes Aashish lose interest in school.

This movie properly intends to illustrate the struggles of a young boy who wants to go to a city school with his peers, have his bicycle, and read new books instead of his older sister’s used books. None of his requests is heeded, which frustrates him and makes him lose interest in his studies and love of cricket. The focus of this 90-minute movie is how Ashish’s life is changed forever by a fortuitous meeting with a young schoolteacher named Shekhar, who is struggling with his issues.


Typically, watching a movie about a topic that involves children’s issues makes you nostalgic for your youth. Devyani Anant, a first-time writer-director, also made the movie Aashish, which tells the tale of a young schoolboy who becomes discouraged when things don’t go how he wants them to.

“Bicycle Days” is a touching tale. It starts by focusing on Aashish’s fundamental aspirations and deep friendships, which are put to the test when they switch schools. On the other hand, the writing quickly becomes erratic, formulaic, and overly lengthy. His internal conflict and desire to purchase a bicycle are interspersed throughout the narrative. Because of this, the spectator cannot fully see the connection between the children and Shekhar’s counselling. Even Aashish seems to have changed his mind suddenly.

The film is shot in Madhya Pradesh, and P Kalyani Sunil’s cinematography successfully conveys the beauty and reality of the rural area there. It establishes the tone of the story and adds to its realism. The tale is well-complemented by Keyur Bhagat’s music.

Soham Shah does an excellent job as his mentor Shekhar Choudhary, but the script should have been more vital. The remaining kids perform their duties with utmost devotion.


The portrayal in the movie helps its reality, and the acting is very sympathetic. As Aashish, Darshit Khanwe gives a clear picture that perfectly captures the dynamics of siblings and childhood problems. If you enjoy explicit, uplifting stories, watch them. It got a rating of three stars out of five.

Devyani Anant is the film’s director. It was made under the auspices of Katharsis Films. Mudit Gunhere, Darshit Khanwe, and Soham Shah are the featured actors. On April 14, 2023, it was released. It will soon be available on OTT.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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