Another spooky flashback opens Episode 6 of 1899, allowing our ragtag group of survivors to assemble on the bridge. In her desperation to find out where the boy is, Tove begins to lose control. Daniel encourages them all to stay together, warning that if they don’t locate land, they’ll perish on the open sea. For the time being, they must disperse, with Mrs Wilson going in search of survivors, Eyk going in search of the boy, and the others going in quest of a way to restart the engines. Trusting one another is the only way to get through this. Tove can still hear voices. A strange, terrifying black mass is also present throughout the ship and appears to be spreading. Naturally, Mrs Wilson becomes intrigued and reaches out, surprised to find that it has punctured her finger and is now travelling across her palm like a virus. Talking of expanding, Eyk and Maura return through Maura’s cabin’s hatch and arrive in front of the asylum.

Maura, meanwhile, goes outside and fires the gun into the air, hitting the glass, which breaks. The impression that this is a vast, open space is that—a perception. She finds the front of the spacecraft after removing a panel from the glass and immediately thinks to herself, “This can’t be real.” Eyk steps outside and stares out the Prometheus’ window when he notices something startling. The view pans out to reveal the sea surrounding them. It is simply swarming with other ships, which have been abandoned and destroyed.

This episode pulls back the curtain and reveals some of the machine’s working parts. Therefore, it would seem that Henry is in command of this large operation and is currently evaluating these people for purposes that are yet unclear. There is also the matter of the other travellers, who all appear to share the same trait—a lack of belonging. It’s exciting and enlightening to observe how their past impacts each character and how this interacts with their attitudes and behaviours. It’s lovely to see a show leave it up to us to understand what’s going on without giving everything away. For instance, Kester and his relatives are troubled by how he indulges his sexual urges, which is why they disapprove of him inching closer to Angel. This kind of situation—about which we aren’t directly informed—is one of the reasons it works so well. The way this ends indeed gives room for the upcoming episode, which seems to be a very much captivating one to watch. To know what happens next, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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