Every episode of the show begins with a nightmare that is only loosely based on reality, as is customary. This time, Ling Yi is the one who receives special consideration. In her dream, she sees the enigmatic woman drowning in a cryptic box. She is wholly traumatised as Ling Yi awakens from her dream, panting. Naturally, the symbol is also present on her kimono garment as she turns to face it. Ling gets ready and goes to breakfast while posing as a geisha. Ling is greeted by Mrs Wilson, who instructs her to visit with her later. The servant, who’s Ling’s mother, claims that everything was an error once Mrs Wilson had left.

Eyk and Maura make a second trip to Prometheus to get some answers. The captain discovers a second buried hole but fails to locate the logbook. Eyk tells Maura that three German ships were bought by a British investor named Henry Singleton, who may or may not be Maura’s brother. He rapidly rebuilt them, adding a fresh communication set-up and a new steam pressure gauge. However, Kerberos was never compatible with the device. The question of whether the dead were burned is aura’s mind as they look through the ashy bones for any skeletons. Instead, Eyk discovers the passenger list and gadget for himself. Later, Maura’s name appears on this suspicious list, and I believe I have caught him.

Ling hides with Olek in the life rafts, where she experiences another paranormal vision. She is shown to have killed a friend called Mei Mei in this flashback. She will take this person’s seat on the boat. Ling returns to her mom and accepts Mrs Wilson’s offer after feeling regret. She performs a dance for Lucien and begins to strip, but he refuses to have sex with her and sticks with his wife. Like Eyk and Maura, a letter has also been written to the Frenchman. He has a lot of secrets of his own, including a possible drug issue and a severe epileptic attack in Ling’s bedroom.

Ramiro learns about the insurrection from Angel. Ramiro confesses that he murdered a priest, which answers why they are currently vast the run, and they talk about Angel’s reckless actions and careless attitude. Ramiro hurries to alert Eyk of the impending vast, but it’s already too late. The enraged mob approaches the Captain’s cabin. They imprison Olek and Jerome and hold a vast first mate hostage. The ship must be turned around, according to the mutineers.

Daniel and the youngster have been committing their dubious acts as this mania has grown. Daniel takes out a futuristic gadget and enters some data. Another gadget that Eyk thought was designed to assess steam pressure is brought to life by the device. The Kerberos appears to teleport, disappearing from its aquatic top and bringing the mist with it, leaving Prometheus alone through the vast ocean while this device lights and whirls. Another improbable conclusion that will divide viewers. To know ahead, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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