In the opening scene of episode eight of 1899, Elliot runs up to her mother, who is clutching a green bug. Before putting the bug in a lockbox, Maura advises him not to do so and tells him not to cage the bug. He then chooses to name the bug Alfred. Elliot decides to let the bug go as a result. As he does so, he raises his head to find himself in the pitch black in front of that odd pyramid. When Elliot awakens, Henry is there to welcome him, showcasing the monitors and asserting that Maura has successfully duped everyone. She is the only one who can get everyone out of here, though. Henry offers, “If you’re courageous enough, I can tell you the truth.” With a few buttons to press, he transports Elliot to Maura’s memories of the hospital because he needs Elliot to remember.

The camera pans out to reveal her within the enormous Prometheus spaceship, which also houses a variety of other compartments outside the window. The same warning we read in the books aboard the Kerberos is displayed on the monitor: “May your coffee kick in just before reality does.” Project Prometheus seems to be the name of the overall survival effort. And several revelations are displayed on the monitor. There are 550 crew members and 1423 passengers on board. In reality, the date is October 29, 2099, not 1899. Additionally, Maura receives a telegram from Ciaran welcoming her to reality. Is it true, though?

The startling conclusion of 1899 leads to several significant findings. It comes out that Maura’s brother is in command of the construct and that Maura is far more involved in all of this than we initially thought. The essential mysteries this year can be resolved by learning how the ship works and what it all signifies, albeit some details, like Mrs Wilson taking up her cup of tea in episode 1 concurrently with everyone else, don’t exactly make sense in light of what we now know. It will take time to determine whether the reality Maura has “woken up in” is indeed genuine or only a larger significant potent of a complex mousetrap set up to occupy Maura. At the same time, her brother engages in far more dangerous activities. In either case, however, everything is left on a tantalising cliffhanger, leaving the possibility of this one’s future development open. Get a watch once!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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