1899’s seventh episode opens with Daniel and Maura having out. Maura then wishes that they could continue talking about recollections as well as how the mind interprets the universe around us indefinitely. Daniel quickly gets dressed and rushes outdoors, discovering garments on the ground. That familiar scene of the psychiatric ward in the distance as alarm bells ring in the distance, and Maura fades from this recollection. We cut to Maura in the hospital as the voice says, “Wake up.”

Since the shutdown has begun and they won’t have much longer until everyone starts dying again, Daniel begs Maura to let him out of the sealed chamber. As a result, Maura dashes off and returns to the port, where a storm erupts, and the wind rips through the boat. It is bad news, particularly since none of the people can direct the ship, which is extremely difficult in a storm. Mrs Wilson waits behind as everyone else searches for the captain because she touched the unusual black substance, which has caused her entire hand to turn black.

Henry then appears, having brought Elliot as asked. Henry responds to the deaths with nonchalance, pointing out that they frequently make the same errors because they place an excessive amount of emphasis on emotion. Henry claims that’s what makes them frail. Henry’s voice crackles over the PA system as we draw closer to the end of everything, informing Maura that she has gone a long way yet failed once more. The ship enters a vortex as the shutdown begins, and at the other end is an exceptionally bright light. And with that, everything is altered. Eyk Larsen observes as the Kerberos, a new ship, is added to the graveyard. The surviving travellers ascend to the deck to try to understand what is going on.

Another excellent episode of 1899 is back, clarifying the connections between Daniel, Maura, and Elliot. I honestly believed for a time that the boy would resemble a younger Daniel, but it could just be me paying too much attention to Dark. However, the concepts employed here effectively convey a sense of Darkness combined with Westworld, and 1899 has done an excellent job of maintaining interest and incorporating solutions to some of its puzzles. A beautiful way to define this series is to think of it as one enormous simulation repeatedly performed and to link concepts of remembering and belonging to it. However, the conclusion leaves much room for the following chapter, so it’s unclear how this will end. To know further, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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