Maura awakens in a dream at the beginning of 1899’s fifth episode. As they lead her back into obscurity and to a chamber where she is tied down, given an injection, and then thrown back onto the ship, she runs toward a tomb with the words “Wake Up” written on the wood. Something occurs as Maura advances to release the boy while also defending him. Time stops, allowing Maura to alter reality as she pleases. She grabs a bullet out of the air and scans the area, bewildered. The boy, who emerges from the cabinet once Maura releases him, is the only constant capable of moving along with her.

Instead of finding the mental institution this time, the two happen across the Captain’s home. Could it be that every cabin has one of these? Eyk Larsen discloses more horrible disclosures than the details are revealed. His signature appears on the Prometheus passenger list, suggesting that he was, in fact, the captain of that vessel. Just as they say this, they head up to the platform and discover that the clock noise has stopped (probably due to Daniel’s fiddling) and that the survivors are gathering as a group.

Another telegraph with the familiar phrase “sink ship” is sent to the captain, but when Daniel shows up, it seems they mean precisely the Kerberos rather than the Prometheus. That’s not all, though. Do you recall the odd arrow symbols? Henry Singleton receives these concerning “Project Kerberos” while seated in a posh office and quickly informs his assistant that they don’t have much time. For some reason, he needs the young man. A massive pyramid can be seen on the horizon as he gets up and turns to face the outdoors. What in the world is happening?

Therefore, it would appear that Project Kerberos is just a massive experiment being used against the passengers for some reason. Although the ultimate objective is still unknown, it almost appears this is a behavioural study. A nice twist you probably won’t see coming is how Maura fits into all of this, not to add to the larger mystery regarding her father being an essential element in the study. Although the destiny of these passengers appears to be uncannily connected to that of the Prometheus, I anticipate that as time goes on, we’ll start to see more of this and perhaps come to grasp how everything is interconnected. To know what happens next, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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