In Jerome’s flashback, Frenchman Lucien is a different Kerberos traveller. During a war, they become separated and end up in the desert. Jerome believes Lucien should not dress up as a deceased Lieutenant and pretend to be him. During their argument, Lucien betrays his friend and knocks him down cold. Along with his colleagues and hostages Eyk, Olek, and Ramiro, Jerome wakes in the brig. The Captain is bound to a pipe with handcuffs. Then Franz shows up and leads Jerome and Olek to the upper deck. They are met with a disturbing lot of dead bodies that appear to increase in size daily. They must toss the dead overboard, according to Franz.

Jerome experiences a new vision as a result of the damage. It is comparable to other characters’ visions, where they experience a similar sense of reliving a terrifying prior experience. Jerome is imprisoned by Lucien and left in the wilderness to perish. He gives Jerome the lieutenant’s medal so that he can use it as leverage when he is inevitably imprisoned. On the Kerberos, Jerome wakes up and takes the hammer before turning around and returning to the peril. He locates the other hostages immediately and begs them for assistance in putting an end to the mutineers.

As implied by the episode’s title, a brawl breaks out. With Franz and his group on their side, Iben and her insane supporters intend to hurl the youngster overboard. At the same time, the team led by Eyk and Maura wants to put an end to this chaos. On the deck, in the biblical downpour, a brawl breaks out. When Maura spots the boy, she runs to save him, but it’s too late. The youngster is thrown overboard by Iben in a terrifying moment. As Eyk commands his army to retreat, Daniel arrives to save Maura. On the battlefield, Clemence and Jerome are reconnected and hug one another as Lucien appears holding a gun. Clemence is dragged away, and he cautions her not to accept anything Jerome says.

Eyk’s group takes out at the dining table as Ben’s crew goes to the lower decks. Maura is astounded and amazed that the youngster has already accepted his fate. Daniel reaches out to console her. Eyk confronts Maura with the truth while displaying the Prometheus guest list that includes her name. The youngster emerges carrying his dependable black pyramid object as a sudden light emanates from a cabinet. He emerges from the cabinet, which is highly reminiscent of his debut on the Prometheus, and he gives Maura a big hug. This link to Daniel and the boy overwhelms her, and Eyk’s information makes her worry worse. To know further, stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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