Eyk’s is revealed to us. He sees his family being set on fire in a rural home before waking up in his cabin. Eyk’s fantasies are founded, in fact, much like Maura’s were. Eyk’s family was all killed at once when his wife burned themselves and three kids on fire. Eyk returns to the bottle while holding a peculiar fabric fragment that he may be able to connect to his family and which he discovered on the Prometheus. Then, Eyk is informed of some odd happenings. The ship’s compasses are spiralling out of control, and their employer’s response to their information about the Prometheus was two words: ships sink. Despite the boy’s aggravating silence, Eyk and Maura are desperate to discover what transpired on the Prometheus. Eyk begins to hear unsettling folk guitar and singing flowing from the hallways, which only adds to his anxiety. While rumours about the enigmatic, mute youngster immediately took hold, nobody is informed of the second Prometheus traveller—the guy who secretly boarded the Kerberos. He strikes up a conversation with Maura’s neighbour in the hallway after breaking into her quarters.

Eyk investigates these noises after hearing the eerie singing for a while more. Eyk enters a dimly lit chamber after a creaky door opens in front of him, ushering him into a fantastical world. He connects with his family during this daydream and is overcome by the natural setting because he has previously experienced it. Then, his daughter Nina catches fire, and he wakes up in a strange room. The conspicuous scarab beetle, who Eyk follows, directs him to a hidden tunnel. Eyk ascends this secret shaft and returns to his cabin. Of course, the crossed-out, positive side triangle symbol is on the hidden entrance.

Even the most devoted Dark supporters won’t be ready for what happens next. The footage is transitioning from a television screen, which is revealed by the camera pulling back from Eyk’s startled reaction. Nine TV screens are mounted on the wall in the room where we find ourselves. Other characters, such as Maura, Mrs Wilson, Jerome, Daniel, Ling Yi, and the boy, each have screens. The 1899-set series has some connection to the present, or at the very least, the second part of the 20th century. This unexpected conclusion is so unbelievable that it boggles the mind. How will the authors explain all of this? I’m not sure, but I will stay around to find out. If you want to, then stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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